Glazed Donuts By Loaded Loaded 0mg Shortfill - 120ml


Be prepared to indulge in an e juice that will take you straight to your favorite doughnut shop.

Glazed Donuts 120ML  shortfill by Loaded E-Liquid tastes just like taking an enormous bite out of a freshly prepared glazed donut. This e-juice is a straightforward interpretation of the trending doughnut craze that has taken the vaping industry by storm. Every single aspect of this e-liquid can be tasted consistently with every pull. The inhale gives the user a blast of sugary goodness with cakey undertones. Everything is brought together and reinforced with the exhale.

Upon exhaling Glazed Donuts from Loaded, the user will be able to taste every flavor involved of this e-juice in its fullness with a slight hint of cinnamon.